Multiple signaling pathways of VPC fate specification


  • C. Li*, M. Nagasaki*, K. Ueno and S. Miyano, Simulation-based Model Checking Approach to Cell Fate Determination During Caenorhabditis elegans Vulval Development by Hybrid Functional Petri Net with Extension, BMC Syst Biol., 3:42, 2009 Apr. (*These authors equally contributed to this work).

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Model for the signaling events during vulval induction

Biological diagram of the signaling pathways underlying vulval fate specification

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Download Simulation Model

CSML3.0 version: CSML.GZ | CSML [2011-02-09] (work on CIO4.0 and CIO5.0, "High-speed simulation module" is recommended)

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Supplemental DATA

  • Supplemental All parameters that were used in the VPC fate model with the csv format.
  • Supplemental source code used to obtain JA fate patterns with Mocha.

A powerpoint file briefly describing this work: explain.ppt [2008-12-25]