SBML2CSML is a Java-based, platform-independent tool to convert models in SBML to CSML. Currently the conversion is based on SBML level 2 version 1. Models imported from BioModels are provided. To try SBML2CSML, please visit SBML2CSML online.


CellML2CSML is also a Java-based, platform-independent tool to convert models in CellML to CSML. CellML version 1.0 and 1.1 formats are supported by CellML2CSML. Models imported from CellML repository are provided. To convert your model in CellML, please visit CellML2CSML online.


This tool converts CSML 1.9 to 3.0. To upgrade CSML 1.9 to 3.0, please visit CSML1.9toCSML3.0 online.

Cell Illustrator

Cell Illustrator allows users to intuitively model, visualize, and simulate various biological pathways using Cell System Markup Language (CSML). For the detailed introductions and features, please refer to the website of Cell Illustrator (previous project).

You can download the latest version of Cell Illustrator Pro and Cell Illustration Draw from above website by clicking on the item "Trial License - CI Pro" or "Free License - CI Draw" from the menu bar on the left side.

To use CI Pro or CI Draw, you should finish a light registration procedure. After the initial registration and installation, you have the following trial period respectively:

You can also access to Cell Illustrator Download/Documentation/Support page for download.

The screenshot of Cell Illustrator 3.0
Cell Illustrator Online

Cell Illustrator Online (CIO) allows researchers to model metabolic pathways, signal transduction cascades, gene regulatory pathways and dynamic interactions of various biological entities such as genomic DNA, mRNA and proteins. CIO comes preloaded with TRANSPATH® pathways and chains, providing immediate access to signal transduction and metabolic pathway representations derived from the scientific literature. The integration of TRANSPATH reactions provides direct access to thousands of experimentally demonstrated binding and regulatory relationships – providing a unique set of building blocks for drawing custom networks and pathways. Cell Illustrator models are used to visualize biological pathways, interpret experimental data and test hypotheses. In addition, it provides researchers with model diagrams of publication quality and simulation result charts. You can evaluate the Cell Illustrator Online for one month with registration. Cell Illustrator Online Player (viewer of CSML format) is available without registration.